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Bitcoin Core upgrade set to enhance network security, S-Chain project addresses scalability

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The Bitcoin Core is poised to receive a significant upgrade aimed at bolstering its network security against cyber threats. The Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 324, announced by the ‘Bitcoin Merges’ X account’, has received endorsements from Jameson Lopp of Casa and developer Pieter Wuille.

The proposal, integrated into Bitcoin Core on Thursday, introduces a series of enhancements including ‘opportunistic transport encryption’ for improved security, safeguards against ‘denial-of-service attacks’, and a ‘forward-secrecy feature’. A distinct aspect of the upgrade is a ‘new handshake’ for initial node connections that requires ‘no forks’, ensuring the affordability of node operations. Even in the event of a session key compromise, past traffic remains secure. As per the latest reports, Bitcoin was trading at $27,698.

In parallel news, the Bitcoin S-Chain project is addressing Bitcoin’s scalability and slow transaction issues. Built on the POA blockchain, the project leverages quick block confirmations and high transaction throughput to enhance performance. The S-Chain also improves scalability through larger block size limits and integration of smart contracts and DApps.

The S-Chain project offers robust network security through trusted validators and interoperability with Ethereum‘s ecosystem. This initiative aims to provide a superior user experience, contributing significantly to Bitcoin’s growth by creating a more user-friendly environment. Further information about the project is available via its official channels.


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