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BloqBall’s LGE Will Launch on Fantom’s SpiritSwap

BloqBall’s LGE Will Launch on Fantom’s SpiritSwap

  • BloqBall is launching on Fantom via SpiritSwap.
  • Users on the platform can deposit FTM to earn BQB tokens.
  • Those who do so in the first 24 hours will earn additional BQB.

BloqBall (BQB) is launching its token on the Fantom (FTM) blockchain with the SpiritSwap DeFi team. The BQB launch will make a mark in DeFi history by having the fairest token launch so far. In detail, the Bloqball launch is a completely community-centric Liquidity Generation Event (LGE).

For further context, users of the Fantom community can deposit a minimum of 10 FTM onto their LGE contracts during the LGE event. In return, these users will receive a portion of the share from the LGE regular allocation.

To specify, this regular allocation holds up to 1.1 million BQB tokens. Moreover, the allocation will b…

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