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Crypto, Congress and the Commission: What’s next for the ‘Wild West’?

Crypto, Congress and the Commission: What’s next for the ‘Wild West’?

The entire cryptocurrency industry is waking up to a new reality. Politicians and regulators have decided to wade into the space, which had flown mainly under their radar until now. A House committee chair is launching a working group; the Securities and Exchange Commission is seeking new authorities to regulate digital assets as securities; and the Senate-passed infrastructure bill includes $28 billion in tax revenues from crypto transactions.

This last handful of weeks has arguably seen more regulatory activity around digital currencies since the name Satoshi Nakamoto first entered the popular lexicon. Anyone whose business deals in this asset class will need to pay close attention.

Aaron Cutler is a partner in the government relations and public affairs practice at Hogan Lovells. He lobbies Congress in energy and natural resources; banking and financial services; and technology, media, telecom sectors. Before joining Hogan Lovells, Aaron served as senior advisor for policy and outreach for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. He was the Leader’s direct liaison to the House Committees on Financial Services, Natural Resources and Energy and Commerce.Chase Kroll is the managing director of strategic communications at Hogan Lovells, where he advises on communications, lobbying, and political strategy for an array of clients, including many Fortune 500 companies and foreign governments. Before joining Hogan Lovells, Chase founded and ran Kroll Global, LLC, a public affairs, government relations and political consulting firm.


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