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EUR/GBP: Pair Could Move Towards 0.842

Looking at EUR/GBP’s chart, we can see the climb from the 0.842 range to the high of 0.8465 and the fall into the 0.84, where it formed temporary support, which enabled the bounce back to the 0.846.

Again, it didn’t manage to hold on, returning to the support of 0.84. Earlier today’s trading session, we saw the breakdown from the 0.84 support, falling in the 0.837 range and bouncing immediately up in the 0.838 range where it was last found trading.

Today, we can expect a move towards the 0.842 range, climbing above the previous 0.84 support level. If, however, it doesn’t manage to hold to the current level, then a move below the 0.837 range can be expected.EUR/GBP price chart.


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