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The Simple Mistake S&P 500 Bears Keep Making

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The S&P 500 popped 1.2% Wednesday, bouncing back from Tuesday’s mild selling as the index closed at the highest levels in over two weeks.

One day down, the next day up. I’ve been reminding readers for weeks that this is a choppy, sideways market, not one on the verge of collapse. As I wrote last week:

Wednesday’s big bounce was not a surprise. If inflation, rate hikes, employment, banks, or debt ceilings were going to break this market, it would have happened by now.

S&P 500 Index Daily Chart

Bears betting against this market are giving money away. Not that I mind, because their denial puts money in my pockets. But just because they are too stubborn to learn doesn’t mean we should allow them to scare us into following them down the drain.

I’m not expecting a big breakout anytime soon, especially since we are falling into the slower summer months, but a push to 4,200 resistance and even a modest poke above this level is in our near future.

Maybe it doesn’t happen until next week or the week after, but no matter what the cynics claim, this market wants to go higher, not lower.


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