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Zoom Acquires “Certain Assets” From Start-Up Liminal

By Sam Boughedda — Zoom Video Communications Inc (NASDAQ:ZM) announced Monday that it has acquired “certain assets” from Liminal, a start-up that offers event production solutions.

Liminal’s solutions are built largely on Zoom’s software development kit and include the ZoomOSC and ZoomISO apps. According to Liminal, Zoom OSC integrates Zoom with third-party software and hardware, while ZoomISO “generates individual video outputs of the participants in a Zoom Meeting / Webinar, allowing you to easily recomposite them inside of a vision mixer, switcher, or media server.”

Two of Liminal’s co-founders, Andy Caluccio and Jonathan Kokotajilo will join Zoom.

Zoom shares are down 2% Monday, adding to their recent decline, which has put its stock price 44.5% in the red in 2021 as investors wonder where growth for the pandemic must-have tool will come from next.

With the acquisition, Zoom could be positioning itself to prepare for life after the pandemic, with bigger virtual events and experiences bridging in person and virtual.

In its announcement, the company said the acquisition of Liminal’s assets will “help bridge Zoom with traditional and emerging event control applications and hardware to help theaters, broadcast studios and other creative organizations address complex technical production needs.”

In comments made to technology website CNET, Zoom stated: “Like the future of work, we believe that the future of events will include a combination of virtual and in-person formats.”


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